Google Search results in blank


anybody sees why I get every result as blank?
Thanks !!


Hi, thank you for noticing this.

The News results has been remade and are generated by a different method compared to normal results. Had to remove it, together with sort option which Google removed a while back.

However, added domain and path fields, might be useful? Updated the connector if you want to try.


Is it impossible to get only news sites ? Im only interested in editorial content (newspapers, magazines, etc). Thanks


Not impossible but difficult. Have you tried DatafoSEO connector? It has a great Google News scraper among other things. Requires latest SeoTools build.


No. Not a free tool I guess?


Is it really difficult ? As difference in the URL I can see source=lnms&tbm=nws (difference between Google search and Google News)


I believe DataforSEO have some initial free requests for new users.

That part is easy, capturing URL, Title etc is harder.


Well, would need only URL or Domain


You can edit the existing connector file and add another connector for Google News. Copy paste the 'Search results' connector, add the URL parameter for news, then create a suitable XPath for the URL field.


Hmm not really sure how to do this