Google Search Resuls blank


Why I always get blank results?


Difficult to say, do you have any custom Global HTTP Settings such as proxies or custom headers? Also, I assume you have updated to latest version of Google Search connector? Should work:


Just know I change the global headers, it works fine. But seems like I can't scrape too much. It starts to blank when I do more than 10+ rows.


Is it like that for all queries? For example, if you try "zlatan", do you get only first 10 if you request 20?


Yes, all queries are blank after performing too many request. For example I have 1000 queries and each query I want to scrape top 50 search results. So like the first 100 queries will got 50 results so no problem, but after that all the remaining queries will be blank no matter how many times I try. Even I stop using tool for many hours, i still can't do anymore query. If you want me to try zlatan now, I will get 0 results (blank).


I also tried remove the tool and install again.


I understand, this is because Google have scraping protection and will temporarily block your requests. This can be solved using Global HTTP Settings:

  1. Proxies - add a list with proxies and it will randomly change proxy for each request.
  2. Delay between requests

You can also use a connector for a service which specializes in this area. I personally recommend DataforSEO. Latest version contains excellent Google scraping and is available in latest build: