Google Search: number results and search results don't work as formula


As values - no problem, as formular - NullReferenceException. SeoTools 7.0.8, Win7x64. Screenshots are attached:



We are aware of this bug and are working on an update. Apologies for any inconveniences it has caused.

Correct usage of RegExpReplace

The problem has been fixed and the latest version is updated:


It is just partly fixed:) The formula (and the value) doesn't take custom dates - it takes always all results for all times.

Look at this page: - date range 01.12.2016-01.01.2017. In the source code: <div id="resultStats">About 58.600 results<nobr> (0,65 seconds)&nbsp;</nobr></div>, SeoTools takes 4390000 to 4430000, independently from date range.

For everybody who need a solution quickly: like described here this works with custom dates:


Note! The search and replace differnce between Notepad++ and SeoToolsForExcel: In Notepad++ you replace a regex match with $1, in SeoTools - with 1


Thank you for noticing this. I've fixed the problem and made the date range selection easier:

Please copy the text from the following link and replace the old text in the GoogleSearch.xml in the install directory/connectors: