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can someone help with the Filter regex? I`m trying to filter URLs with an minimum of 5 numbers. I tried the Filters using the following syntax:

dimension operator value

page regex \d{5,}

but it doesn´t work. Result ist always "0".

Am I using it wrong?

Would be nice if someone can send me an example.

Thanks in advance

Use this syntax instead:

page regex [0-9]{5,}

Google's documentation says they use the RE2 flavor of Regex. However, GSC doesn't seem to support some shorthand character classes such as \d.

I hope that helps!

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it works. Thanks!1! :slight_smile:

Hi, what is the , character for?

Welcome to the community, @effeci82!

The regex syntax of {x,y} represents the number of characters to match, as in match between x to y times. When you omit the y value, that means match between x and unlimited times. Similarly, omitting the x value means match between 0 and y times.

So {5,} simply means between 5 and unlimited times.