Google Search Console query for URI with parameter not working


Hey Guys,

hope someone can help me. I wan to query a lot of URLs and some of them contain URL parameters like

Unfortunately the Search Analytics Connector returns 0 when searching for the click data of last year while the actual Search Console Interface (table data) returns some clicks.

My formula:
=Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2019-01-01";"2019-12-31";"query !~ domain
page ==";"web";0;"Clicks";WAHR;1000))
--> returns 0 Clicks
--> GSC Interface returns 239 Clicks for same Query

Any Ideas why this is happening?



Not sure what you are doing here in your formula:
query !~ domain page ==

This works for me and returns the same number:



I want to get the Performance Data for a filtered Page (URL with Get Parameter) and exclude the brand name from the query data.
Could you try this use case on your side?


This one gives the correct result for me (dump not necessary when requesting single value):

query !~ ahrefs";"web";0;"Clicks";TRUE;1000)

Perhaps the 'domain' part in your query filter is incorrect. Does it give correct results using only the query filter?


Hi diskborste,

the difference is your still not requesting for a page with a get parameter appended e.g. . I don't know if such URLs are indexed on your site


Does it recognize this path (with parameters) if you request all pages with a contains filter for "filtercolor"? Also sent you a PM.