Google Search Console - possible to monitor Keywords?



just wanted to know if it is possible to achieve something like a monitoring tool using the google search console?

So e.g. something like this:
keyword XYZ: Ranking this week - Ranking last week - ranking last month - ranking last year

Especially it would be great to have also the possibility to define the URL for a keyword.
For example:
if I want to track keyword "women shoes, then I would track my category "" for that, even if "" is ranking higher for the mentioned keyword.

Goal: optimize the subcategory to rank best....

Is this possible in any kind of way?

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I don't believe there is native support for comparing periods like you want. You'd have to do this by yourself with individual queries for each period.

Regarding your second question, you can use filters for this. In the example below, I filter for queries containing "substitute" and pages containing "replace":


Thank you for your answer.

Okay, to get the data each week, we do need to aggreate the data in a pivot table - this would be not the big deal!

Your idea with query + page works as suspected, but this is only useful for one "keyword" at once.
But there seems no possibility to use this idea e.g. for 100 keywords at once, right? Or is there a way for this?

The background about this:
at the moment we do have a xovi account, but we use it more or less only for keyword monitoring....
...if it would be possible to get this info through the integrated google services, then we would not need to pay for the xovi account anymore :wink:

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If you remove the date dimension, then you can turn it into a formula and return one row for every keyword. It would also be possible to solve this with some VBA, although more complicated.


Thanks again - this is right, by removing the date the keywords will be returned in one row each.

This is just my second day with the tools and they are really great, so sorry if I am not that familiar with the possibilities of it :wink:

Another question now:
is it possible to filter already before inserting into the table something like that?

  • country must be either "deu" OR "aut" OR "che" (without using column "country" in the report)

  • insert only into the table, if "clicks" >= 5

That would be great!

best regards


No worries, I'm learning new stuff every day as well :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the API only supports AND conditions, so you will have to filter by one country and do separate queries:
country == usa

Same as with keyword, if OR was possible, then you could have included all keywords at once.

Filtering on clicks is not possible either, I believe these are allowed: