Google Search Console - Domain Properties Suddenly Not Working

I have tried logging in and out a few times but suddenly I am not able to see Domain Properties listed as Sites in the dropdown/list of options.

Is this new, did something break or am I just having connection issues?


  • All other sites load for that Account
  • I am trying to use and pull from Search Analytics

Not sure what you mean, can you be more specific with print screen and highlighting the part of the Search Console connector you are referring to?

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Ill take a screenshot but I have to blur so much it will be somewhat silly. But go to SEO Tools - Console (GSC). From there you typically have to login and then you can Select from list.

In that list will be all the Google Search Console accounts tied to whatever email I just logged in with (usually). As of now or sometime really recently it would list out every account INCLUDING Domain Properties but now it wont.


So if one of my accounts/clients only has me connected via Domain Property and not at the URL Prefix level... those accounts suddenly are not available in the Google Search Console tool within SEOTools anymore. I SWEAR they have been there the past year!!!

Or in other words...

Thanks, those domain types were excluded for some reason (don't remember why). I've updated the connector, can you verify it works correctly? Latest version available via Manage.

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Boom! They are there and working perfectly again. Thank you! #fixed

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