Google Search Connector for Ads does not work anymore?!



unfortunately since the update for seot tools the Google search connector - only for GOOGLE ADS, does not work anymore :frowning:

I guess it might be a bug, because I havenĀ“t change anything.

Could someone of the support team please check that?
At the moment the results are blank for every keyword, even it has lots of ads results.

For example: "hotel berlin"

I use this kind of formula: =Dump(Connector("GoogleSearch.Ads";Tabelle1!A5;;;"de";"relevance";2000;"Title,Description,Url";WAHR;2))

Thanks so far!


Thank you for reporting this. Google is constantly changing the website structure (especially for ads) which makes old connector code invalid.

I have updated the connector and it works for ads that looks like regular hits. Will need to work more on those that have thumbnails.

You can update via Manager:

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Wowww, thanks for your incredible fast support :slight_smile:

Wonderful :slight_smile:

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what has happened to the Ads Connector? '
Suddenly it disappeared?! :cry:


Are you sure, it should still be here: