Google Places: formula doesn't work


As in title: on querying Google Places formula, which gets lat+long from cell reference (A2, or Tab1!A2), doesn't work. If i however write geodata directly into formula, like =Dump(Connector("GooglePlaces.SearchText";"versicherungsmakler";FALSCH;"50.1887724285";"8.5159547242";10000;"All";"Id,Name,PlaceId";FALSCH;20)), the query works like expected.

I attach my test file, where on the top are two dofferently referenced formulas, and on the bottom the formula with direct geodata input.


This is because the connector has been updated and more formula arguments are required. This works for me:

The difference is the 100 (delay in milliseconds) and "all" should be lowercase.


I downoaded this connector today, some hours ago...

With your formula i get

Even tested it again: my connector file has no differences with the file at Github.


Just realized the version I'm using is made for the latest Seotools build. Can you install this instead?