Google Custom Search


Whatever happened to the Google Custom Search connector? I went looking for it today and it has gone missing from my library, and it’s not available on the Connectors page any more.

(Though there’s still a trace of it in the Wayback Machine.)


It still exists :slight_smile: Have you filtered for "Not installed"?


Am I misreading it somehow?


I misunderstood, thought you meant the Google Search connector. The "Google Custom Search" connector was removed a while back due to low use. However, you can add it manually by saving the this page to the connectors folder. Right click, save as. Not sure if it still works since it hasn't been maintained for some time.

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Thank you so much, this is a godsend! I have been banging my head against the wall with Google’s rate limiting for checking on the date of a web cache (trying to verify indexing status), and just checking for the URL using site: on the programmable search engine is so much faster!

Sorry i8t took me so long to reply. ツ

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