Google Analytics v4 Support - What's Up with Google Analytics 4?

Just encountered my first client that's using it.....when I go in there, I notice one interesting thing. There's no Views, just an account and a property (!). Weird.

Anyway, when I login and then make calls using SEOToolsForExcel, I get an error:
"User does not have sufficient permissions for this profile"

I'll poke around with my permissions, but is v4 even supported yet? Does it work? There is a thread from last November about it but the thread never really was resolved. Are there any tricks I need to employ to get it to work?

We have not yet implemented GA version 4.

Yikes! That's going to be heating up a lot

Just checked with another vendor, they said the final API docs aren't available from Google yet, sadly! I see where that's a problem geez!

This makes me feel better about not upgrading to V4 yet. I can’t do my job without SEOTools.