Google Analytics custom reports



is it possible to download a created custom report directly out of google analytics? Or is it only possible to try to get same stuff directly with the metrics and dimensions offered in the excel tools connector?



Hi, this is not possible. Just out of curiosity, why do you want to download it from GA portal when data is available in Seotools?


Hi Victor,

this is for example a custom report, I use to find (possible) broken links on the website:

Page = landing Page, where the link should go to
Previous Page Path = the page the link should come from
Page Title = to show the choosen regex "Seite nicht gefunden" (site not found)

And this is the result of yesterday:

So what I am unsure of is: it looks like I cannot choose to "exclude" or "include" a filter criteria!
And it seems that I am unable to get that idea working right in seotoolsforexcel.