Google Ads Connector | Customer ID


I tried to use the google Ads connector.
When opening the Customer ID (Select from list) the window open and then close a second later. I cant see any content in this second.

Do you have any experience with this issue?

  • I am using a Dev. token (although it is newly generated from today)
  • The Connector is actual
  • The Google Analytics Connector with the same credential is working

Sincerely yours


I don't understand what you mean. Can you post a screen recording or screenshots? If sensitive, you can email to


Hi there, Is there a bug with SEO this morning. The connector from Google and the one from Amazon, who worked perfectly last week, give no answer and the messae #Value! appears instead. Thanks It actually says " Exceptio ; FormatExceltion Message : "String was not recognized as a valid Date Time"


Still works for me. Perhaps you have custom Global HTTP Settings activated?


My issue is that the Select Customer ID Panel is closing after something like 0,7 Seconds.


Probably closes because the request to get customer list fails. Unlike the Google Analytics connector, Adwords requires you to have the Developer token approved by Google which is very difficult. You need to submit a form and answer many questions which was not the case several years ago when the connector was created.


Your guess is right.
You can have easily a Token but it just a test Token. Like what you said you have to answer some questions and do some stuff in ordner to maybe gather a full token.
Thank you for your time