Global Settings Question


Hi everybody,
can somebody explain how the Global Settings exactly work?

I get a lot of “#value” when scraping Amazon so I guess my IP got blocked. I now entered a delay and proxies but I get the same (and it seems that it does not delay.)

Can anybody explain how I can make these settings effective?
Thanks !


Delay in Global HTTP Settings control the regular Seotools functions. The connectors are controlled from the xml code (not very intuitive I know). I've updated the Amazon connector with an additional delay parameter. Update from the Manager and see if it helps.


This time it´s for XPathOnUrl


Any ideas on this one? Thanks



While we reviewed the delay settings we found some issues which may cause the issues you described. Will reply once this has been fixed, and thanks for bringing it to our attention :slight_smile:


Thanks. Is there a way to see if XPathOnUrl is scraping with delay and proxy?



This might fix your issue. Try changing the "IfSame" setting to Domain instead of Host. Also, you can try to set high delay, for example 10,000 ms and see how long it takes between requests.

To test proxies, you should be able to do this:

You might need to change the semi-colons for commas depending on the regional settings on your computer.