Getting Around Maximum Results Limit, Google Places

Hello community. New Seotools user here.

I am trying to use Google Places to compile a list of all of locations for a type of business in a city (total results will be 10,000+). The search by text feature works great, but the problem is that there is a maximum results limit of 20. I have experimented with editing the .txt file to allow for a higher limit, but I worry that this is not an ideal workaround. Another approach that I have considered is breaking up a city into a grid and doing individual searches for lat/longs spaced a certain distance apart in a sort of grid. That seems burdensome.

I really need an exhaustive list of locations--I can't miss any locations, and I want to minimize duplicate returns.

Is there a recommended best practice here? Thank you!

The limit of 20 is set by Google so not much to do about it in terms of increasing items in the search response. I like your approach of doing a programmatic grid search by lat/long :slight_smile: