Get prices from TaoBao


Is it possible to get information from
For example, find the cost of the i7-4710MQ processor:


I reach a login page from that URL. If you need to be logged in to view the content then it's difficult to solve with Seotools.


OK. What about other stores as Aliexpress, EBay?


Depends on the site, if the content is accessible in the HTML in 'privacy mode'.

Regarding Ebay, check out our Connector:


Ebay Connector is great, thanks!
But why doesn’t work this:
Dump(Connector("EBay.FindItemsbyKeyword","intel core i7-8700k",,,0,100000,0,FALSE,FALSE,"all","USD","EBAY-US","BestMatch","ItemUrl",TRUE,1),TRUE),
Dump(Connector("EBay.FindItemsbyKeyword","intel core i7-8700k",,,0,100000,0,FALSE,FALSE,"all","USD","EBAY-US","BestMatch","Price",TRUE,1),TRUE))


Try removing Dump() from the formulas, this will create arrays as output, not ideal for Excel formulas.


Connector("EBay.FindItemsbyKeyword","intel core i7-8700k",,,0,100000,0,FALSE,FALSE,"all","USD","EBAY-US","BestMatch","ItemUrl",TRUE,1),
Connector("EBay.FindItemsbyKeyword","intel core i7-8700k",,,0,100000,0,FALSE,FALSE,"all","USD","EBAY-US","BestMatch","Price",TRUE,1))
doesn't work too...


Weird, works for me. How about building the hyperlink from the separate cells? Like this:


I need to do it in one formula without auxiliary cells...
Are there any other ideas?


Not sure, if it works with separate cells then it gives a clue about the solution.


If 3 cells are used - link(), price() and hyperlink(link,price) - everything works.
If 1 cell is used, then it doesn't work.
Can it be fixed?


diskborste, can you localize the problem where the click on the formula =Hyperlink(itemurl-connector,price-connector) doesn't work?
Can it be fixed?


Same result for me. May I ask why you need single cell hyperlink? Seotools formulas are not designed to be combined like this.


The formula is needed for a fairly large database.
Do I have to allocate space for 2 additional columns?


Yes, I believe so. On the other hand, you save a request because you can request URL and Price at the same time using two fields and Dump().


OK. Thank you!
Alas, assortment and prices on Ebay not comparable with TaoBao...
So, I'd like to return to the question about the possibility to make a connector to TaoBao.
What do you think?


Up. ))


Does TaoBao have an API? If so, then a connector is possible.


Yes, TaoBao have an API, but there are certain difficulties.
But this may be outdated information...


You need an account that has been verified by a Chinese person's personal ID#."

I don't speak Chinese but you can write the connector yourself if you want to go through the verification process :slight_smile: