Get "Last-Modified" value of any site


Through rexswain we can get the "Last-Modified" value of any site, for example, this one.
How to get the "Last-Modified" using SeoTools?


I'm not that familiar with headers but I thought the Last-Modified was optional and not available for all sites. It says seotoolsforexcel was last updated in 2016. Hmm.

How about you use the =WhoIsDomainUpdated("") formula? Alternatively, you can use the Wayback Machine connector to check when a page was last indexed. Also you can check specific headers for any site with =HttpHeader(url,header)


Oh... OK, will use WhoIsDomainUpdated. Thank you!

PS: here you are showing the panel for setting up the Wayback Machine. How to open it?


It is located in the SEO category :slight_smile:


Yes, but nothing happens when pressed.

Is it normal?


No, that is not normal. What version of Seotools do you have installed?


SeoToolsVersion()=8.0.86; Excel 2019 x32 Rus; Windows 10.1709 x64 Rus.


Is it only Wayback Machine or other connectors as well?


Almost all connectors behave as well, except SEO - Ahrefs\Google CacheDate\Google Search* and and maybe a couple of others...


behave as well = works or doesn't work?

Can you try this build:

#11 doesn't work, works well!
Thank you! Bye!