Get facebook phone and possibly fax number?

what would be the code used to also get the facebook phone and fax number?

in other words, can this work?

=Dump(Connector("Facebook.PageSearch", B2,"Name,Website,PageLink,Phone",TRUE,1))

to get the phone number?


The phone field has not been implemented. I've added it and you can copy the following code and replace the old code in SeoTools.xml, located in SeoTools install directory/Connectors folder.

AWESOME! I put it in this directory, is this correct:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SeoTools for Excel\connectors\Facebook.xml

I do not see a file called SeoTools.xml in my install?

Sorry, it should be:

Facebook.xml, located in SeoTools install directory/Connectors folder.

Yes, that looks right :slight_smile:

i did this but it does not appear to be working. i am testing it with facebook pages that definitely have phone numbers.

any ideas? i will have a look at the code as well.

also, phone does not show up as an option:

Perhaps SeoTools is referencing the wrong connectors folder. Sometimes it points to a temp folder created because of admin issues in Windows. What does it say here if you click on about in the SeoTools ribbon menu?

I also did a scan of my C drive and it only came up with these, which should be right. Maybe I should reinstall?

Thanks. If you updated the code, the Phone metric should be at the bottom:


Can you send me the Facebook.xml file to

i sent you both the original XML and the new one i got from github to your email.

let me know what else i can check.