GA Users for specific URL


Hi there!

I'm a total starter on SEO tools for excel. I try to insert GA metrics for specific URLs, but excel is not using any links to the cell with my URL (A). See screenshot below: no GA users metrics shown in D81, but meta titles working in E81. What do I do wrong? Thank you so much for your help!


H, try "Exclude headers in result" and recreate the formula.


Unfortunately Excel then shows users on the whole domain, not only these on the specific URL.


I think you misunderstand me. I mean check this:

Right now, an array is returned containing "ga:users,100" and only first item (header) is included in your formula.


Yes, I checked the "Exclude headers in result", but the value is still showing our total traffic for the whole domain. Excel seems not to be referring to the URL in "A".


So you want to filter the results to only one URL in column A?


Exactly. I also searched for some filter function but couldn't find anything..?


You need to use the filter and check the page path (if this is what you mean with URL?) like this:


Hi Victor,

thank you so much for your support but I still got troubles here. There's an error ocurring when using subdirectories. Screenshots below do not refer to cells anyway, I typed the whole path directly.

This is working:

  • ==/pathname


But this is not working:

  • ==/subdirectory/path


I think you need to change Profile to a GA account which holds the data for the /blog/ path. Alternatively, you can try "contains" and find a unique substring of the path.