Fully uninstall SEOTools


Hi guys,

Newby here, I installed SEOTools hoping to achieve something with SpinText but I could not manage to do it. Now I've been trying to get rid of it but it won't go away, I followed instructions (Options>Add-ins>COM Add-ins>remove SEOtools>restart excel), I've done this multiple times but every time I open excel again SEOTools is still there. I looked up where the file is and deleted it form my computer, now all it does is when I open excel says that the SpinText file could not be found, SEOTools is STILL there.

Please advice!!!! I'm going crazy!

Thanks you


What do you mean with "SpinText file"? Did you install SeoTools using the installer? If so, then you should uninstall it. If you added it from the Excel add-ins menu, then delete the source files, go into add-ins menu, click on SeoTools and Excel will ask if you want to remove it.


Hi! thanks for your answer.

I installed it with the installer, how do I uninstall form there?
I already tried uninstalling from excel add-ins menu with no result.

Spin Text is what I was trying to use whn I installed SEOTools (found this https://seotoolsforexcel.com/spintext/), when trying it, I downloaded the "cookbook" mentioned in that article.

Now everytime I open Excel it tries to open that file, I've found it and deleted it so now it shows this: (see attached)

Don't know what to do about this :(![screenshotspintext|690x388]


Try to go into the Excel addins menu, click on the file and it should ask if you want to remove it.

I have no idea how you got in this situation. The cookbook file is a normal Excel file, but according to your image, it's an xlam file (add-in).