Force to recalculate cells with formula containing DUMP


Hello, do you know how to force a recalculation of "dump" formulas on an excel sheet? Opening the page again, the formulas are not calculated and I have to enter each of them, click on enter to then see the forum to calculate.
I have "automatic calculation" on Excel but it does not work, even asking Excel to calculate the whole sheet.

A huge thank you in advance to you :slight_smile:


Ok I found for those who seek. Put your data in "table", the calculation of a cell passes the calculation on all the others


Nice! Another trick is to use an if statement at the beginning of the formula, for example:


Then, just change the cell which is being evaluated and the formulas will recalculate.



Have you an example in this formula for example ?


Thx :slight_smile:


For example, if you want to use cell A1:


Thank you :slight_smile: But excel does not want to calculate the formula after :frowning:


The point is to change the value in cell A1, which makes the other cell referencing it recalculate :slight_smile:


Sorry but I don't understand :s


The formula evaluates if cell A1 contains a number. if it does, then it writes the formula, if not then it writes "". So, if you change A1 to a number, then the other cell will update.


Ok thank you I will try. By cons, it's weird, but when I do ctrl + alt + shift + F9, only part of the formulas are recalculated, yet all are based on the same model, you know where it can come from?

Again thank you for all this help in any case :slight_smile:


That doens't work in my excel :frowning: Thx


Do you have formulas set to manual calculation? What happens when you change A1 from a number to a letter back to a number?



So, I think my too many cells to calculate could make a bug with the Google Analytics API. So, I split my file into 4 and everything rolls from now on.

Thanks again for your assistance :slight_smile: