Filter Queries at Scale


I'm trying to grab top queries from a list of URLs in column A with a query filter. I tried the formula below but this did not work.

=@Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics","","2019-06-01","2020-09-11","page=~"&A2 query!~keyword1","web",0,"Query",TRUE,5),TRUE)

However, the formula works when adding the URL manually -


This is probably because the connector separates the filter arguments using a newline so this must remain in the formula. For example:

You can use the Char(10) function for the newline which makes it easier:
"query == " & I1 & CHAR(10) & "page == " & I2


Perfect, thanks!


Is it possible to have multiple query filters?


I am not 100% sure I don't think so because all filters must match. This is possible, but perhaps not what you meant:

query =~ seo
query !~ excel

You can read more about the API options here: