Filter Functionality | Select Site


I presume this is a bug and probably known one.

The Filter for filtering the sites, doenst seems to work to me, at least what I am expecting of it.
Nothing happens when I write something inside.

I have certainly some 100 URL's to scroll through and the manual search is the opposite of fun :slight_smile:


Which connector/function are you referring to?


I am referring to the "Google Search Console" Connector.


Can you write the syntax for the filter you are using?


Well this could be the point.

I though the list would be filtered by the query I typed.
I tried to type "HTTPS" and expected every results with "HTTPS" I also tried to type the name of the domain I am searching for.


Update | I updated the plugin today, the filter functionality is still not working yet.


Hi, I replied but apparently it didn't stick.

Try this filter:
page =~ https

See this guide for the filter syntax:


Thank you for the answer. The issue a am actually struggling with is the filtering of the Site under the Category point "Site: ".
I am not strugling with the filter functionality under "filter:".


Which category are you talking about? Do you mean the Select button next to the site field which opens up the Select window? It has a search filter which should work. See example with the Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index:


Yes, this is the feature I am talking about but it is not working for me.
Nothing happens when I type a text in the filter box.

I am using Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 with the actual SEO for excel Tools Tool on a Windows 7 Professional edition.