Failed to compile Email Scrape

Anybody can help with this one ?
Example URL: exception

Hi, see my reply in the other thread. It works for the final url which it redirects to:

Could you tell me why I get #VALUE! in all these fields ?valuegerman2
Example URLs:

Perhaps because Amazon has throttling protection and recognizes you're trying to scrape the site. Have you tried setting some delay or using proxies?

Maybe. Did not know that this is possible with plugin (delay & proxies).
Where can I find more info regarding this?

I added some proxies and delay in the global https settings and I get the same results for the email scrape.

Does the email scraper pull the data (proxies and delay) from the Global https settings ?
Thanks !

I believe (not 100% sure) that delay set in Global HTTP Settings is overruled when delay is set inside the connector. In the xml code for the email scraper is delay set to 0 ms. Can you try and change this to a larger number and see if it makes a difference?


The file is located in the install folder/connectors and you can edit the file with any text editor. The line which I highlighted above is line 82.

I now get this message...emailerror

When does this error occur? For all urls or specific?

It occurs for all URLS

Just to confirm you are not talking about all the amazon links, this returns the same error?


That´s right