Facebook Setup?



I'm trialing SeoTools at the moment and I can't seem to get specifically Facebook or Internet archive to work. I did my best to follow the available tutorials.

I've got 64 bit windows 10, running excel in 32 bit with seotools in 32 bit from the installer. I have .net framework installed. I can get youtube, google plus and instagram working. I haven't tried any others.

Internet archive: I signed up for a phantomjscloud account and linked that just fine (as far as i know), but when i hit insert, it loads for a bit but never actually inserts any rows or columns.

Facebook: login button opens in browser, but i get this: "Insecure Login Blocked: You can't get an access token or log in to this app from an insecure page. Try re-loading the page as https://" The page is already being loaded as https.

Facebook analytics: needs an api key. I've got an app with a never expire token in development mode, i copied the token and put it in after pressing select next to page id box. but seo tools never finishes loading and doesnt give me a selection of pages to click.

Am I doing something wrong or has Facebook changed its API requirements?



Apologies for these issues. Facebook has blocked all earlier apps which doesn't use HTTPS. We are working on a new release of Seotools which includes this but it is not quite ready. If you email me at victor@seotoolsforexcel.com I can send you a beta which has support for Facebook.

Will need to look at Internet Archive, they might have changed the structure on the website.

For Facebook Insights, have you upgraded to the latest version from the Manager? Also important to chose the correct permissions when creating a user access token. For example (ads_read can be skipped):


Hi again,

I've built a Wayback Machine Connector which use the official API instead of scraping. Look in the Manager for it. Contains a lot of improvements and requires no accounts :slight_smile:



I'm hoping to get back to using this in the next couple days (fingers crossed); so many thanks for the fast response.