Facebook search only 28 results?

I tried to use the Facebook search for pages. It works, but I only get 28 results. Is there a limit somewhere?

Especially I'm looking for pages of podcasters in Spain.

Probably correct since the Facebook API doesn't return the same hits as actual front-end. What was the query?

Well I looked for "podcast"

Thank you for reporting this. I've updated the connector so you can specify number of pages to search for. Just tested with 200 which worked correctly. You can update the Facebook connector from the Manager.

Very nice. But now I get "only" about 600 results and only 5 from Spain (rest USA).
Is this right ?

Based on my Google findings, they have limits around 5-600 and it's not possible to set location filter, unfortunately.

Well I tried it with additional Spanish keywords (podcast futbol, etc). Very nice.

One question: the links I get are a bit different. Example
Instead of

Im asking this, because I normally put in /pg/ and about/ to get this
Where I used to scrape the email address. Is this possible with the number URL

By the way, did the email scraper disappear? I can't find it

I'm not sure about page paths such as /about/ in combination with the page id number but I would assume it works. At least it worked with the page id you supplied.

You can use the new function FindOnPage :slight_smile:

Very nice. But does FindOnPage work for Facebook?
I get only blanks

FindOnPage looks for email addresses in the HTML code. If it returns blanks then most likely the emails are populated after HTML loads. Or it could be that it's not visible when not logged in (as in the SeoTools request compared to viewing via browser logged in).

This feature is pretty awesome and I'm using it a lot.
Right now I a have different "problem". I want to bulk scrape (podcast sports, podcast art, etc) but I don't know how to organize my data.
I know that I should use transpose the data, but how could I structure this afterwards ?
It gets a bit messy as I need the Country, the URL and the name...

Updated the connector so you can add several queries per row.

Very nice. Is there a limit for queries? (I want to bulk scrape)

Not a fixed limit for number of search queries, but there is a limit for requests in general which is difficult to estimate.