Facebook Insights


Hi @diskborste ,

I have noticed some bug in Facebook Insights while using new version. I am unable to get any data from facebook so could you just cross check. I am getting blanks for any page id:

Thank you.



It is still working for me:

Are you using the latest version? Is it just Page Engagement or other endpoints as well?


With latest version, I'm referring to the Connector file, not SeoTools:


I could be wrong, but I think it only works on pages you manage. If you don't have it linked to your account, I don't think it will return any information.


Yes, that is correct. Insights statistics are not available unless you have admin/moderator/analyst status of the Page/Group.


I've had conversations with others about this, but in nearly every case, the person wasn't linked to the account they were trying to gather data on.

In which case, I suggest either regex, or XpathOnURL. :slight_smile:


Ryan, which info are you referring to? The purpose of the Insights API is to get statistics that are private and only available for the owner. Such as reach, clicks etc. The Open Graph API is better suited for information which is publicly available in the HTML code.


Sorry. In every case where I've discussed the lack of output with other users, the cause was that the person was trying to pull info for a page they aren't linked to.

Explaining that you can only pull info for pages you have access to has always solved the misunderstanding.