Facebook - Exception


hey Guys,

Similar to the issues i reported recently with instagram. when trying to extract facebook "page lookup" data, I get the following error:

Exception: (100) Tried accessing non existing field (name) on node type (URL). Insert values failed.
This happens for "about" too and many of the rest.

i hope you can solve soon.

it would be cool if you could extract these additional elements from the about page:

  • email
  • awards
  • milestones
  • phone
  • company overview.


Which version of SeoToools are you using? Page Lookup works in the latest:

I've also added most of your suggested metrics (except milestones because that metrics creates a sub array with many different outputs.


thanks a mil.

im using 7.0.11


I updated the xml file, restarted excel and its working again. so thank you very much.


what parameter is passed to page lookup? can i just pass the page ID or do i have to pass the page link?


Yes, just the Page Id. Facebook API is able to recognize the Page URL as valid input sometimes, but I recommend Page Id to be safe.

When using formula, you should pass the Page Id as string. Easiest is to format the cell as text, or use a formula to create the string. For example =format(pageid,"@")


perfecto! thanks!!! :grinning: