Extracting count of H2 tags matching specific word



I’m using the above to give me the count of all the h2 tags on a page.
This is working OK.

I looking to take this a step further but I’ve reached the limit of my knowledge.

I want to get the match count of the h2 tags that contain a specific keyword and also the total number of h2 tags.

Let’s say the keyword is “banana”

So the output I’m looking for is:

Number of h2 tags = xxx

Number of h2 tags containing banana or Banana = xxx

Any help would be much appreciated


Your first example should give you the total count. As for the number of H2's containing "banana", this Xpath expression should do the trick:



Many thanks Tim

Works perfectly, much appreciated.


Also, take a look a CsQueryOnURL. You'd be surprised how much easier it can be depending on the data you need.

This short guide should point you in a very simple direction:

I'm attaching an example of a semi-long CsQueryOnURL function that returned all the data I needed into separate columns. It's a rough result, but It can give you an idea and make your own calls where you need them.

Example URL: (Might be a dead link at some point, but try it on any url from the same site)
Link to Product Page

Formula: ( Assumes URL is in cell A1, or you replace "A1" with the URL entirely.)
=Dump(CsQueryOnUrl(A1,"title, div[class~=prod-detail] h4:first-child, ul[class=unstyled specs] li, ul + h4, div[class=small] strong, b[class=item-price deal]","",,"text"),TRUE)