Extract Instagram Username from Post


Hi all,

I've been trying to find the username of the author of an instagram post, for example:
// https://www.instagram.com/p/8MJ84NN7Yp/

I've tried to copy the Xpath, but I can't seem to get it to work. If anyone can help me with the correct formula, I will be eternally grateful! :slight_smile:

So, the correct result from the aforementioned url should be "tobiaserikkarlsson"



I figured it out, here is the solution:



Hello @diskborste,

I am trying to extract the user feeds from Instagram page but while inserting “max result = 500” value It’s does not executing full value. In excel I am hardly getting random number value.



Hi Rajesh,

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you give me an example with a print screen?


hey @diskborste I am trying to extract the data from Instagram channel but there some limit is facing while extracting, I have put maximum 100 post but I am getting only 75 is there any issue?

Also, I had tried using username as well as user ID but still I am getting the same result.

please find the pic below and let me know if I need to change something


Are you using the latest Instagram Connector? Based on the picture, it looks like an older version.

Can you try this:


hi @diskborste ,

As per your given links I have re-installed the tool but the results are same, is there any updated connector for Instagram user feeds. Also Is there any restriction on Instagram page where only " verified page " I can scrap the user feeds ? I have shared my new updated tool please let me know why as per result data is not fetching in Excel.


I tried on the same User Id and I'm some posts are different based on the texts in your screenshot.

Can you try and replace the code in your Instagram.xml file in the Connectors folder with the following code?



Hi @diskborste ,

Thank you so much the new xml was work on some Instagram page ID. But while running username:570548231
problem is same inserting max result of 200, I only able to fetch 100 output.

So is there any issue with Instagram page handler where they have put limitation for extracting user feeds.
Please find the image where you can see the same page 570548231 I am not to fetch data.

Thank you so much.


There is no limit on the userfeed except the basic limitations on the API (5,000 requests/hour).

It looks like SeoTools is still running the old Connector version, see my print screen and compare the title name:

This can happen when you have an old copy on your computer. Also, did you restart Excel?


Hi @diskborste ,

As per the given connector link I have updated my connector and now I am getting following error. Please, can you help me out.


As I get to know that after changing my new connector for Instagram I am not able to find 300 results for some particular user which is as below. I am only getting 100 old records. So is there a fault in tool or will that be issue in Instagram page. Please let me know the solution.



Yes, the same issue happens to me. This is because one of the posts are unavailable which messes up the pagination and aborts after the 4th batch. I’ve added a fix to this and updated the connector:


Hi @diskborste,

Perfect seems like all the issues are fixed up Now I am getting all the records as per the number. Thanks a lot for all support.



Hi Victor,

I hope you are doing well.

The important thing wanted to share you that "SEO tool " is awesome we have purchased 5 licenses for a year. And it is performing smoothly. However, after the new update of version 8 from yesterday itself, I'm unable to extract any data from "Instagram" .

So kindly review it once. and let know if there is any change in Instagram API?