Export Twitter Non-Followers


Is there a way that SEOTools can:

  1. Identify all the accounts that I follow but DO NOT follow me back
  2. Export the accounts
  3. Unfollow those accounts



How many do you follow? The Twitter API has a limit of max 3200 accounts (I believe. Once you have the list, you can use the "My Friendships Lookup" view which compares up to 100 users at a time and tells you if they follow you back.

We currently have no support for unfollowing accounts but it can be added.


I have ~ 5,000 accounts that I follow but do not follow me back.

I am following ~ 66K accounts and have ~ 61K accounts that follow me

Is there a formula that could compare the two lists to produce accounts that do not follow me back?

If there are export limits, this would save time.

Appreciate your help.



P.S. The ability to unfollow would be terrific


Do you have the two lists? If so, it sounds like a basic Excel problem.

The Twitter Connector has a formula but it has a request limit which resets every 15 minutes so it would require you to do it in many batches.


I do not have two lists. Suggestions on how to extract the 5,000 users who don't follow back are appreciated.


How do you know it's 5,000?


Twitter lists the number of accounts that you follow as well as the accounts that are following you.

If the accounts following you is less than the accounts you follow, those accounts should be unfollowed.


Yeah, but how do you know these are exactly the same accounts? Some of the users you follow may be different than some accounts that follow you.


Let's remain on topic. I'd like to find out the best way for SEOTools to generate a report that lists all of the accounts that are being followed by me and all the accounts that are following me. From these two reports the non-followers are easily identified.


Well, the API doesn't allow you to extract that many followers/followings. If you can go to your followers list, scroll down all the way to the bottom, save the html page, then Seotools can extract all the usernames from the file. I'm sure there's scrapers (supporting infinite scrolling) that can automate it for you.