Expert Problem for Solving Xpath -> Post URL


Hi to all my friends.

Today i need to check all price of a list of products from a website of one my competitor.
The problem is: website is in ASP, with search custom module, i mean i cant found the URL of searching... because when i search some products code, website redirect in

The word for example i want search is: SMU0525

So with webanalyzer i see the parameter like this:

I do some experiment like This but didn work, someone can help me? very thanks i apprecciate.



Hi, this formula worked for me (dump is not necessary when requesting single value). Perhaps the Xpath is wrong, that seems to be the only thing that differs between our formulas.


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You are a master!!! Very Thanks <3

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i want ask you something... if "SMU0525" its located in A2 how i add A2 inside Post parameter on formula directly?

i read something in this case solved by @nielsbosma


So based at the resolution of @nielsbosma of the cases witch i linked in previus post. i tryed this with CHOOSE FORMULA but return me black cell



Yeah this was trickier than I thought. Managed to get it working but ideally it should be possible to concatenate the original HttpSettings argument.


="<HttpSettings><RequestMethod>POST</RequestMethod><RequestContentType>application/x-www-form-urlencoded</RequestContentType><RequestForm>" & "<Param Name=""whr_search"">products</Param><Param Name=""page"">1</Param><Param Name=""txt_search"">" & A1 & "</Param></RequestForm></HttpSettings>"


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