Exception from HRESULT:0x800A03EC

Attempting to use the Google Search Console Connector and am getting this error when I attempt to insert the formula:

Exception from HRESULT:0x800A03EC

if I just insert values, things are fine. Inserting a formula results in the above error. Here’s the formula I’m trying to use (where xxxxx is my domain):


After flashing the exception, the reset of the column actually comes in and the cell holding the formula retains an error.

Restarting Excel didn’t help.

I re-installed the latest version of SEOTools as well (8.0.36).



Not sure why you are getting this error. Have you tried using dump before the formula? Also, can you post a print screen of the "About" window to make sure your references are correct?

I’m actually using the dump:


Where CR3 is a date in the format: yyyy-mm-dd


I’m also seeing "Cannot perform runtime binding on a NULL reference."

I’m running .net framework 4.7, BTW.

Yesterday I reinstalled SEOtools. When I clicked on "Manage" in order to redownload some connectors, I just got this error:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

You know what, it must be a corrupted spreadsheet or something. The same formula in a blank, new sheet, works fine. So, I’ll rebuild my workbook and see what happens. :frowning:

How did it work out with the new workbook? :slight_smile:

The new workbook turned out to be just the trick!

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Getting this error again (Feb. 6, 2023), not sure why.

  • This is a brand-new workbook
  • Have restarted Excel
  • Have reinstalled SEOTools

Also, the formula I’m using often shows the #VALUE error in the cell containing the formula — despite correctly pulling the data I’ve requested. There actually isn’t an error, and the field is formatted with "General." Any idea what’s going on?

Here’s the formula I’m using:

@Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics",$C$3,R$7,R$7+6,"country == usa
query !regex "&$C$5,"web",TRUE,0,"Query,Impressions",TRUE,$C$4))

Where cell C3 has the GSC domain I’m querying, cell R7 has the beginning date for the date range, and cell C5 has a regex.

Am using SEOTools 9.7.1.

The GSC connector is version 78.

Often, refreshing the query multiple times will resolve the #VALUE but that doesn’t really seem to address whatever is causing the error.

Thanks for any help!


Very difficult to say based on all the variables in your sheet. I would create a new formula from the Google Search Console connector, then replace one argument at a time with a formula reference to see when it fails.