Excel will not open with the SEOTools add-on enabled

I was using the tool yesterday to pull data from Google Analytics. Today when I tried opening Excel I got an error stating this

I do not know if it is on excel's side, SEO Tools side, or just my computer. Is anyone else getting this error?

Strange, that error should not appear randomly. Have you tried restarting your computer and if so, tried re-installing SeoTools?

Hi, Yes I have tried uninstalling then re-installing SEO Tools. I have done the same with Excel. And have run updates on my computer. Nothing has worked. However, my co worker was able to download the tool on his computer and open SEO Tools no problem so it seems like it is my specific computer that finally broke. Still working with my IT department though.

Can you contact info@seotoolsforexcel.com and I'll try to help you fix this?