Excel is damn slowpoke


Don't know - it only me who experiences this or is it a common bahavior? My Excel lets only few queries in second to external services.

Some services are a bit faster, but everything by Google, like PageSpeed, AdWords or GSC are such lame ducks - i have really no enough patience to sit and wait, when i get, i.e. PageSpeed metrics for 1k urls...

And it isn't a subject of targeted urls - no matter what site i query, everywhere there are just some queries a second.

Are there any methods to speed up querying?


Some of the connectors you're mentioning have request delay to accommodate the API limits. For example, in the PageSpeed connector code, this line is used:

<IntervalBetweenRequests RandomFrom="1000" RandomTo="1000" IfSame="Host"/>

Other API:s have their own limitations in terms of parallel requests. You can try to experiment and edit the code above or removing it.

Also, we have general settings in the seotools.config.xml which controls the boundaries in terms of requests:


As you see, it will speed up considerably if sending requests to different host. However, when doing API requests to Google, there are limitations to consider.