Excel crashes with the latest Office update received



I have received an update from Office today, after that when I try to close the Excel is not possible. Also, starting Excel I receive a message error which I have attached.

Once Seotools has been uninstalled the problem disappears and excel works correctly.

Could you check it?

Thanks in advance



Only had one report about this issue and this trick seemed to solve it:

Open Excel-Options-Advanced-In General Options-Check ‘Ignore Other Applications that use DDE’ Or Go to excel option select "Custom". Then in the dropdown select "Office Menu" Then scroll down and find "X". Select it and move it to the right listbox. This will add the "X" to the ribbon and when you click it it should close excel.


After enable the option still showing runtime error when Excel starts

Runtime [Error] Unexpected error trying to run SyncMacro for queued macro execution. : TargetInvocationException - Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

And adding the X custom doesn't work for me.

I have tried with three Seotools versions and repairing Office. But nothing. Yesterday was working correctly. Today after the Office update has started the problem


I'm in the same boat. I've installed / re-installed and tried the ignore DDE option - but nothing worked.

I can run Excel, but the interface is broken. Menu items with pop-down submenus appear slightly transparent and cannot be clicked on. When I try to exit Excel it won't shut and just hangs.

Removing the addon returns Excel to normal functioning.