Excel closes itself at random times with the licensed v10 version of SEOTools


I installed the licensed v10 version of Seotools to 15 users like 10 days ago and I've been getting complaints about:
• Excels closing itself randomly without any error message.
So users lose their work if Excel didn't auto-save and it happens even if they don't use SeoTools tools.
• Excel's windows is really laggy since the installation.

Thay had the v5 free version before and nothing like that ever happened.

It's a bit annoying to have paid for the licenses and ending up with this kind of issues when the free version didn't have any of those problems.

Does anyone has an idea of what could cause this?

Can you ask when the crash happens? SeoTools for Excel should not cause extra lag in Excel, sorry to hear about these issues.

It happens really randomly, it could be either when they open or when they're working on Excel.
From what I heard from the users, there is no "symptoms" explaining what could provoke this issue


Not heard of this issue, and I don't think random crashes is the cause of SeoTools for Excel since the add-in does not make actions randomly. If STFE was the cause, it would be when formulas were created/updated and so on.