Error With Connectors Wizard - July 2019


I'm getting an error message when trying to use the connectors wizard. I noticed in a previous thread on here about it from last year, the suggestion was to delete the SeoToolsForExcel folder from the AppData folder, which I tried, but I am still seeing this error.




Yes, it appears to be a different error. Have you upgraded SeoTools from an older version? Some settings in the seotools.config.xml file was added to handle Manager requests, and it might not have updated correctly.

Can you send me the seotools.config.xml file to If you can compile a list of all items in the connectors folder, that would be even more helpful.

The following formula should get you the list :slight_smile:
=Dump(DirectoryList("C:\Program Files (x86)\SeoTools for Excel\connectors";"*.xml"))



Thanks for the response, I sent you the list of all the connectors I have installed. I basically installed all of them, iirc. I renewed my license earlier this year, and I was thinking of maybe trying to reinstall the plugin, but I noticed the latest release date was back in Jan, which was before I purchased a new license and installed the latest version over my previous one.