Error Connectors Wizard


I wanted to call the manager. This brings up the message "Exception: Error on getting versions." Unexpected error.
I have Excel 365 with 64 bit. I have also reinstalled SEO Tools.
Could you give me a tip, please?


Hi Toro,

This is a known error for older versions of Seotools. Which version do you have installed?


Hi diskborste,
I have installed the version SeoTools_v8.0.70.0_20181101.


Thanks, can you post a print screen of the 'About' window?


Thank you for your reply. Enclosed I have the about screenshots.


And the Excel Version


Thanks, actually, it it the config path I'm interested in :slight_smile: Does it reference the Seotools install path or an Appdata folder?


Hello, I'm experiencing a similar issue and mine references the Appdata folder.


Thanks for your help, my configuration is in the Appdata folder.


For those experiencing this issue:
While Excel is closed, go to the AppData location and delete the Seotools for Excel folder.

The origin of this issue is sufficient permissions and Seotools creating a temp folder outside of the default install path. This messes up the references to the connectors.


I could only solve the problem by uninstalling Seotools. After deinstallation I deleted the folder SeoToolsForExcel.

Thank you for your help.