Error after installing: The file format and extension of 'SeoTools32.xll' don't match

After installing SEOTools for Excel I receive the following error message:

The file format and extension of 'SeoTools32.xll' don't match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust its source, don't open it. Do you want to open it anyway?

If I choose to open the file I just see malformed characters such as:

MZ��ÿÿ¸@���º�´ Í!¸�LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.

as Excel tries to open SeoTools32.xll.

I am using a laptop running Windows Enterprise version 1803. It is a 64-bit OS and a x64 based Intel i5 processor, I have 8GB or ram, .net 4.0, and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, 64-bit.

I had SEOTools running on my laptop until my subscription ended in December and I uninstalled the tool.

Anyone have any ideas?

Did you use the MSI installer inside the zipped file? Looks like it tries to install 32 bit version of Seotools which is not compatible with your 64 bit system.

I did use the MSI. It was the only file in the zip package I downloaded using the and the button to download the latest version.
The file downloaded was:

Thanks, I've emailed you with a custom build. Let's take it from there.

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Got it, thanks! I've got some stuff to finish in Excel before I am able to install the new build however I'll report back as soon as I am able. I appreciate the quick action and possible solution.

:computer::+1: That worked!! Thanks for your help!

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Same problem as ATLDrew, please send a link to download 64 bit system. Thanky!

You can try this build:

I am having this problem too.
On Windows 11 - 64-bit Dell Intel Box.

I also had to whitelist in Malwarebytes because it is flagged as a trojan.

The above File/Fix DID work, however, it is outdated and nagged to install the updated version, which, of course, will not work.


Can you try installing the following files manually via the Excel add-ins menu?