Empty Cell Issue - Connector (GoogleSearch.SearchResults)


Hello dear SEO friends :slight_smile:

I am so happy to have found this tool.

However, I have a problem querying:

= Dump (Connector ( "GoogleSearch.SearchResults"; "" & A49 & "" ;;; "de", "relevance", 3000; "title, description, URL", TRUE; 15))

-> I would like to query this for up to 2000 keywords (From Column A) or at least in steps of 500

-> Unfortunately, after about 150 queries, I only get empty cells.

Do you know how and if I can fix it?

I am very fit in Excel but unfortunately not a programmer and hope for support in this group.

Do I have to change the https settings?

I look forward to your help!

Best wishes,
Stella :grinning:


Hi Stella,

I see that you request 15 results and three fields (title, description, url). This means a two dimensional array which will not work to output using formulas since the formula will overwrite itself on each row.

Maybe I misunderstand you, but how do you accomplish this for your 150 queries?


#Solution found#

Hi, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

First I filter my helping ranking column so I can copy the formula in every 15th cell and no cells will be overwritten :slight_smile:

The problem is causes by the Google IP ban.
With vpn access I could solve the empty cell issue. I needed a new IP for further queries :slight_smile:

I really felt in love with this seo excel tool.


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