DeepL translating issues


at the moment I check out the SeoTools language connection to DeepL (a translating algorthm). I've put in my API and all is working. But translating is only working for a single cell.
I can modify the formular in the "Text" field that more cells will be translated. But they get copied in one cell.

Isn't there a possibility to select a whole column, translate the text and insert it to the next column? Overwriting the same cells would also work.
Only translating one cell could also be done manually :wink:



Hi, this connector is built for one input text per request, so you can use a formula and expand it for all rows, like this (I don't have an active DeepL subscription, hence the error):

If you want to translate all texts in one request, you can concatenate the cells using Excel concat() function or SeoTools stringJoin() function.


since I'm a total newbie to SeoTools and a average Excel expert ;), could you give me also a example formular for concat function? Then I can play around with that.

I also did't use the formular field of Excel, but the extra side ribbon of SeoTools. Does the formular word with that too?

Easiest is to chose Formula, and also "Exclude headers in results", then change the argument in the new formula from the text input to the cell reference.

Here is what I meant with Concat function:


ok concat function is not what I need. I just need every ENG cell translated in the next cell.
So I tried your first formular and I get this (I have free DEEPL API Key saved in the connector):

You need to create a new formula with "Exclude headers in result". Otherwise the formula returns two rows for each row, which causes many issues.