Dataforseo get ranks for relative url (Filters)

Been trying to understand the syntax to use the filter within the ranked keywords request so I receive results for a specific url.

Ranked Keywords

["ranked_serp_element.serp_item.relative_url", "=", "/apis/rank-tracker-api"]

below full request

=@Dump(Connector("DataForSeo.RankedKeywords","2840","en","[","",["ranked_serp_element.serp_item.relative_url", "=", "/apis/rank-tracker-api"],"keyword_data.keyword_info.search_volume,desc","Keyword,Competition,CPC,Volume,SerpEtv,SerpTrafficCost,SerpRankGroup,SerpRankAbsolute,SerpType,SerpPosition,SerpTitle,SerpUrl,SerpBreadcrumb,SerpDescription",FALSE,100))

maybe someone managed to make it work?

A full description is available in the API docs here. (scroll down to the Filters section) and here.

This one worked for me:

The Relative URL field is currently not included in the output, but added it to the Ranked Keywords view.