Current apk-version from Google Play?


Can I find out the current version of the application from Google Play with SeoTools?
For example, for this application.


Try the Apptweak Connector which is awesome for Google Play and App Store. I believe they offer 1000 free credits.


diskborste, yes, that's what I need!
APK version =Connector("Apptweak.AndroidAppKeywordsCompetitors";"eu.thedarken.sdm.unlocker";"RU";"RU";"Version";ИСТИНА;100)
Thank you!


diskborste, the above method stopped working -
Error parsing Infinity value. Path ", line 1, position 2.


Perhaps you have no credits left? Only 100 free tokens per month. Works for me:

Login to the dashboard to see your credits:


Yes, apptweak gave me 100 credits, each request of "Keywords Competitor" costs 20 credits.
Total 5 requests and the limit is reached. Great service!


Yeah, wrong endpoint to use. I added version as a metric to "Android App Information" which costs 1 credit:


diskborste, thank you! AppTweak 7 (2019-01-21) works. I didn't even think that it can be changed!
Could you also add release date in version number request?


Done, new version is available in Manager.


StringJoin(Connector("Apptweak.AndroidAppInformation";"";"RU";"RU";"Version,RelaseDate";ИСТИНА);", ";1) = 7.90, 43479.1666666667...


Yes, the 43479.... is how Excel stores dates and it will happen when you combine two strings. Unless you force it as date, but not sure how to combine with StringJoin.


Yes, I understand that 43479.1666666667 = 2019/14/01 04:00:00.
Maybe convert date from numeric to text: TEXT(date; "YYYY-MM-DD")?


That would be the normal way to solve it. Not sure how to make it work with StringJoin. Perhaps in combination with some array formula variant of test each item.

If I were you, I would output each item, then use a third column for the concatination. A1 & " " & text(B1,"YYYY-MM-DD")


OK. Several dates are represented as 25569.125 = 01/01/1970 03:00:00:


Can this be fixed?


No, this comes directly from the Apptweak API unfortunately.


OK. Thanks for the help!