Create VirtualBox VM Image for Mac Users?


I can see that from my previous question and a few other's questions that there is interest in getting SEO tools for Excel working on a mac. I know for a lot of users purchasing Parallels/VMWare Fusion is another added expense that people don't want to buy to use your software. As a developer, I do most of my development using Vagrant & VirtualBox. While running Windows using Vagrant on a mac is an absolute nightmare, there may be a nice middle ground that could help users.

Do you think there would be interest in creating a VirtualBox image that would have Office/SEO Tools for Excel pre installed and a shared folder to the mac? If there is interest i'd be more than happy to help create the image. The only thing i'm not 100% on is how the licenses would work - though I know that Microsoft provides Windows VMs on - so there has to be some way to do it.

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I sure there's an interest for this but as you say you need to have a Windows and Office license. The ones expire after 90 days.


@nielsbosma Do you think there is a way we can find a solution? I know that SEO Tools for Excel is a great tool and would love to help create a way of making it more accessible to Mac users. I know I hate fumbling around configuring/provisioning VMs every time I need to pull some data, or turn on my PC.


Another solution could be to get a Azure VM that you RDP into when you need a Windows env. But you still need an Office license.