Copy Worksheet Tab


I'm wondering if this might be a bug in SeoTools v8.0.22 or if it's on my end?

When I make a copy of a worksheet tab in Excel, I get the following prompt (44 times per tab in my case!):


I would expect to receive similar prompts for each named variable on the source sheet, but in this case, there's only one legitimate named variable.

The offending variable names all follow the naming convention of "SeoToolsUdfTable" + random hexidecimal hash.

Any ideas?


I have never seen that before. Can you try with the latest version?


The new installer won't run because it thinks Excel is still open. I keep getting this loop:



Have you looked at the processes if excel.exe is running? I've had situations where it ran hidden in the background.


Sorry about the false alarm, Victor. The installer worked fine after I restarted Windows. I'll try to retest my original problem later. Thanks as always for the quick response!