Combine two or more Xpath


Is it possible to combine two or more Xpath in one formula?
For example:
XPathOnUrl("";"//div[3]/h2[2] + //div[3]/p[1]")
XPathOnUrl("";"//header/div[1] + //tr[2]/td[1]")


There are Xpath syntax support for combining, such as:
=Dump(XPathOnUrl("";"//h2[3] | //h2[2]"))

Alternatively, you can combine two separate formulas with regular Excel concatination "&"


The first method with "|" is more convenient than "&". The principle is clear, thanks!
But what, if I want to display the result in a single cell?
A1 = DumpTo(XPathOnUrl("";"//h2[3] | //h2[2]");"A1";false) = #VALUE
A1 = DumpTo(XPathOnUrl("";"//h2[3] | //h2[2]");"A2";false) = #VALUE

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StringJoin(XPathOnUrl("";"//h2[3] | //h2[2]");", ";TRUE) = #VALUE, but
StringJoin(XPathOnUrl("";"//h2[3] | //h2[2]");", ";1)
works fine!



You can use the StringJoin function like this:
=StringJoin(XPathOnUrl("";"//h2[3] | //h2[2]");", ";TRUE)