Combine Filters in Google Search Console Connector


Hi There,

SEO Tools for Excel documentation says that filter elements can be combined in Google Search Console Connector:

You can combine several filters separating each with a newline.

When combining them like this, I get a formula like this:

=Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2018-01-01";"2018-01-31";FALSCH;"query =~ keywordA

query =~ keywordB";"web";1000;1;"Clicks";WAHR)

When inserting this formular it delivers an empty cell with no value. So, something must be wrong with this formula.

Can you help me out?

Thanks and best regards


Hi Chris,

Thank you for noticing this. This is because the metrics in red is treated differently than the others. If only one of the others are selected then it will not treat the results as an array. Can you try to add Date as a second metric in your formula?


Thanks diskborste.

You mean like this?
=Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2018-02-01";"2018-02-28";FALSCH;"query =~ keywordA

query =~ keywordB";"web";1000;1;"Date,Clicks";WAHR))

That leads to the result you can find attached.excel


can you help me with this?