ChromeUxReport Connector

What happened to the ChromeUxReport Connector? I just installed SeoTools 9.7 and now I've to update my workbook to move from ChromeUxReport to GooglePageSpeed, which is much, Much, MUCH slower. In fact, I started calculating GooglePageSpeed.LoadingExperience for 151 URLs >25 minutes ago and it's still going! The CrUX connector was able to pull data for all of these URLs in <3 minutes!

Please bring the ChromeUxReport Connector back ASAP! It gives us visibility to data from actual users, rather than having to re-measure pages for core web vitals every time. I've built part of our roadmap based upon CrUX data goals, so constantly re-measuring these metrics (which are influenced by many non-relevant factors) throws off my reporting.

Last time I tested the ChromeUxReport connector before 9.7 release, it was very unreliable and only returned metrics for a a small percentage of URL:s, hence why I removed it.

You can still add it back by saving this xml file and add it to the Connectors folder.

Let me know if you experience the same issue.

Thanks, Victor.

Yes, the CrUX database does not include all URLs, by design. I believe it's based on a 75th percentile of opt-in users visiting certain pages. Despite this minor limitation, I've found it to be a very reliable source for core web vitals data, without the bias of uncontrollable variables such as local network congestion, momentary page issues, etc. In my opinion, it's the source of truth that Google uses.

As always, I appreciate your fast reply!


Thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile: