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Hi There,

First of all thanks to this amazing community. this has helped me in many ways.

My question: Is there any way that i can check if my backlinks are dofollow and without any sponsored tags? With the checkbacklink function i can check only dofollow and nofollow, however, any dofollow link with sponsored tags is showing OK in the result.

Can you help me? Thanks in Advance!

Hi Tareq,

Thanks, great question. The CheckBacklink function was written before sponsored tags were a thing, so the short answer is no. You could extract the links manually and evaluate the tags yourself, but this would not be practical. Will add this to the todo-list for future release!

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Hey Diskborste,

Thanks for the quick feedback. Can you please let me know if I can extract the ahrefs code part of the backlinks? If I can do that then I can use the if function to check if my links have any sponsor tags.